BizBaby - Call Center / CRM

BizBaby is a Call Center and a CRM focused on Small Businesses. With the goal to replace land line calls, gmail/outlook emails and adding text functionality. All with affordable monthly price sticker.

Project: BizBaby
  • Website (Desktop)
  • Website (Mobile Version)
  • Twilio Integration
  • Sendgrid intergration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Organization Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Spam Calls and Emails Management
  • etc

BizBaby was particularly difficult to create as a scalable calling and emailing solution for small businesses that would function as a regular phone system for those who are not used to technology, that would work equally well on Computer, Tablet and a SmartPhone.

It was important to make sure it worked for a business with 1 agent/employee or 100 agents at the same time, answering calls that were coming to the same phone number.

Existing business email integration through DNS records and other tricky technological problems. Getting all technology work well, while focusing on getting that BizBaby user friendly feel with intuitive interface.


BizBaby website had to be extremely easy to use and understand from the first glance. It’s a challenging task to educate a visitor on what call center software is and what it does.

Businesses could have multiple accounts for different organizations, with monthly membership levels allowing them to upgrade, if needed. That is especially useful for businesses that have multiple departments or scale to a larger business / operation.

Additional functionalities, such as Books - Profit / Loss, Employee Analytics, CRM, Ticket Management etc. Once business customers become a member, they have an option to use other well tailored features to lock them even more into the service / subscription.

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